Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a need for redevelopment?

In order for the club to retain and expand our membership base, develop new revenue streams and to bring the clubhouse to a new level in line with current market standards befitting the Singapore Polo Club, an upgrade is necessary.

What is the estimated timeframe of completion?

The redevelopment works will be in 3 phases and the estimated timeline to completion will be around 18 – 24 months but depends partly on Urban Redevelopment Authority’s approval.

How was the selection of the architects reached?

Invited architects were instructed to submit their RFPs (Request for Proposals) to the Club followed by presentations to the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee then made their recommendations to the Management Committee for approval. Bedmar & Shi was selected after a rigorous evaluation process.

Will there be a tender for the execution of the redevelopment works?

The redevelopment works will be in tandem with architect’s scope of works. A tender will be called in compliance with the due processes and regulatory requirements.

Will the Club be closed during the renovation period?

No, however certain facilities and amenities will be closed and not be available to members depending on the phase of the redevelopment. All members will be informed in advance accordingly.

What is the source of the funds for the redevelopment?

The redevelopment project will be funded from the club’s operating cash flows and facilities improvement fund.

Will the Club still organize events and activities?

Yes, however the type and scale of the event will depend on the phase of the redevelopment. All members will be informed in advance accordingly.

Who decides the final look & feel of the Club?

Members’ feedback were gathered on the architect’s concept and design through a Town Hall Meeting on 13 November 2017. These were consolidated in the final approval by the Management Committee. Continued feedback is available via website and further town hall presentations.

How can members provide feedback about the redevelopment?

Members can provide feedback through the club redevelopment microsite, suggestion box placed at the clubhouse or email directly to

How will noise and air pollution be minimised?

The Management will minimise the effects and inconvenience by careful scheduling of heavy works during the lull periods and exercise stringent control on the use of heavy machineries.

Will the sale or transfer of my membership be affected during this process?

No. The sale or transfer of club memberships is dependent on the market’s supply and demand forces. Once the redevelopment works are completed, we believe the membership value of Singapore Polo Club will be enhanced.

Will members be required to pay additional fees for renovation works?

Additional member’s contributions is not expected to be required at this point in time. Funds may be drawn from the Facilities Improvement Reserves and yearly budget surplus.